FIRE Lounge

FIRE Lounge, a bar in Denver's eclectic Broadway scene, features an impressive glass vitrine that borders and unifies the refined craft cocktail ambiance from the hotel's fine dining space. Together, the two create a seamless dining-cocktail experience. Tasteful bites are paired with a blend of signature cocktails at FIRE Lounge, where our dynamic interpretations of classic craft drinks enhance the social atmosphere designed by the lounge's patrons. Our mixologists are artists of their own craft, while live entertainment turns FIRE Lounge (and FIRE Terrace) into one of Denver’s most vibrant social hot spots.

Not just a nighttime retreat. By day, FIRE Lounge is the place to be seen thanks to its central location to Denver’s business district. Pair the ART hotel's convenient location with its sophisticated style, and you have the perfect place for power meetings and Social Hour meetups.