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Denver Museum
of Nature & Science

If you’re looking to stray away from the art scene, the ART, a hotel is near the Denver Museum of Nature & Science where archeological finds and science wonders blend for a different cultural experience. The museum traces its origins back to 1868 when pioneer Edwin Carter began displaying his collection of Colorado fauna in a Breckenridge cabin. In 1908, the museum found its permanent home – Denver, Colo.

Dinosaurs, mummies and more

Make no bones about it. The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is the perfect place to explore if you’re a pint-sized dinosaur enthusiast. Stroll through time, starting 3.5 billion years ago in this engaging prehistoric exhibit. A life-sized bronze sculpture commemorates the monumental fossil dig that took place in Colorado’s Snowmass Village, unearthing nearly 5,000 bones from 26 different Ice Age vertebrates.

Skip ahead in time when humans roamed the Earth. A pair of ancient wooden boxes containing the mummified remains of two women contain a treasure trove of information, revealed through modern technology.

Explore a Mexican silver mine, where a cavern glistens with milky gypsum crystals and stunning white stalactites. Take in the gem carvings of Ukrainian-born stage designer Vasily Konovalenko, each carving detailing Russian folk life.

For those traveling with kids (or for those with the heart of one), the Discovery Zone is a place to observe, analyze, inquire, create, experiment — and even better, get your hands dirty. Excavate fossils in the Dinosaur Gulch. Manipulate water at the museum’s Water Way. (Prepare to get wet). Reconstruct Denver-area structures, like the Denver International Airport.

Denver's very own space odyssey

After traversing caverns and excavating dirt, take a moment to look to the stars. At the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, the cosmos create as much mystery as the museum’s historical relics.

Go on a space odyssey, where you can discover a dramatic Martian canyon, a giant nebulae storm or a kid-sized shuttle flight deck. The museum also offers an epic planetarium ride where Earth is portrayed in a whole new way. For another spectacular viewing experience, check out the museum’s IMAX theatre.

More museum magic

Through September of 2015, the Mythical Creatures brings a little mystique to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Face off with mythical models, like a dragon that spans 17 feet long and a kraken whose 12-foot-long tentacles rise out of the floor. Unicorns and mermaids will enchant visitors, and stories of Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster will entertain.

But if you like your museum experience to be more grounded in facts, there’s nothing like the Genetics of Taste Lab, the only community-based human genetics lab of its kind. Anyone 8 years or older (with consent of a legal guardian) can be part of the lab’s current study – a taste test of sorts. The lab also plays host to fun classes, where adults can pair craft beers with chocolate desserts. (Now, that’s our kind of experiment.)

Denver Museum of Nature & Science
2001 Colorado Blvd. | 303.370.6000