Guest Room Floors

Jim Dine

1935, Cincinnati, Ohio
Lives in Washington State and Paris, France
  1. Yellow Rushing Toward Me, 2002
  2. Heart/Maeght
  3. Lincoln Center Pinocchio, 2008

Oil, acrylic, sand, and charcoal on wood panel

In 1964 Dine used the image of a man’s bathrobe to create a selfportrait. Since then he has made hundreds of paintings, prints, and drawings based on that theme—an invisible figure in a bathrobe, each work expressing a different mood and vitality. In this painting, the then sixty-seven-year-old artist presents himself as a painter in a virile, energetic self-portrait, confronting us in a nearly aggressive stance, the bright red robe splattered with paint. Even though Dine has lived and exhibited all over the world, he remains a quintessential American artist who credits his Cincinnati upbringing for most influencing who he is. "Cincinnati is beautiful. She is my Muse."

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Dihn Q. Lê

1968, Ha Tien, Vietnam

Flowers, 2014

C-print and linen tape

Dinh Q. Lê is a conceptual artist from Vietnam whose woven photo images have become hallmarks of his style. For Lê, the traditional Vietnamese mat weaving techniques serve as a vehicle for images that express his hybrid identity and the complex relationships between memory and history.

Lê started weaving images of flowers in response to 9/11. In this triptych, commissioned especially for this space in the ART hotel, he relates the flowers symbolically to the persistence of beauty and the flowering of human resilience amid the horror of destruction.

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Sarah Morris

1967, Sevenoaks, Kent, England
Lives in New York
  1. Falcon (Origami), 2007
  2. Untitled

Gloss house paint

The title of this work refers to the origami pattern that can, in the hands of an origami artist, turn a flat piece of paper into a sculpture that resembles a falcon.

Morris has collected origami “crease patterns” for years and has based an entire series of paintings and prints on their deceptively simple geometry. By abstracting these elements into flat, sometimes gridlike, diagrammatic forms and painting them with boldly colored household gloss paint, she creates paintings that transform the appropriated origami influences into bright, pristine paintings.

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Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bru

Claes Oldenburg - 1929, Stockholm, Sweden Lives in New York

Coosje van Bruggen - 1942, Groningen, Netherlands - 2009, Los Angeles, California

Typewriter Eraser, Scale X, 1999

Oldenburg and his wife, Coosje van Bruggen, created some of the most beloved and witty public sculptures in America by supersizing everyday objects.

This scale model of the thirty-five foot-tall Big Sweep nestled beside the Denver Art Museum was part of their Dust Bin of History series and was inspired by seeing city workers sweeping Denver’s very clean streets on a typically windy day. The tilt of the dustpan mimics the shape of the mountains in the distance, and the slits on the pan echo the window slits on the Museum’s Gio Ponti building.

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Rob Reynolds

1966, Newton, Massachusetts
Lives in New York

Continental Divide, 2014

Oil, alkyd, ink, synthetic polymer on canvas

Reynolds traveled to Colorado to find and photograph clouds above the Continental Divide on June 21, 2014, the first day of summer. This image was taken at 12:01 p.m. at a spot known locally as “Cloud City” outside of Leadville, where Oscar Wilde famously visited in 1882. Of his visit Wilde reputedly remarked: Here I saw the only rational method of art criticism I have run across. Over the piano was printed a notice: “Please do not shoot the piano player. He is doing his best.”

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Clark Richert

1941, Wichita, Kansas
Lives in Denver, Colorado
  1. Phi Tesserae, 2015
  2. Study for Phi Tessarae
  3. Enneacon Cluster

Acrylic on canvas

Patterns and pattern recognition are an integral part of human history. Patterns exist in our DNA, our ancient crafts, advanced mathematics, and computer code. They have played a significant role in remarkable discoveries by scholars and visionaries as diverse as Pythagoras and Buckminster Fuller.

Richert has been investigating the use of patterns in his work since the late 1960s. These dazzling paintings were commissioned especially for the ART Hotel.

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Clyfford Still

1904, Grandin, North Dakota
1980, New York City, New York
  1. PH-1034
  2. PH-389

Still is one of the giants of abstract expressionism, an art movement that was practiced by some of the most iconic artists of all time, including Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko.

Though dozens of cities vied for Still’s estate, the City and County of Denver won this incredible patrimony. Opened in November 2011 on the northwest corner of the block on which the ART Hotel now stands, the Clyfford Still Museum offers the only opportunity in the world to see so many works by this American master.

This early work was created just a few years before he achieved his signature style. Reproductions of those later works are included in some hotel suites, thanks to the generosity of the Clyfford Still Museum.

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